Superheroes Zoom To New Orleans to Save Abandoned Pets

Animated Superhero “Zoom” Sponsors Two Vans; Team Zoom Pledges $10,000 Prize to Humane Socie

Palm Beach September 28, 2005 – Sponsored by the team behind the award winning animated film Zoom Suit, and other contributors and volunteers, the heroes of the Tri-County Humane Society are caravanning to Louisiana on Friday, September 30, 2005 to help save pets that have been abandoned as a result of hurricane Katrina. The person in charge of the caravan will be head vet tech, Damian Straw.

John Taddeo, formerly of Marvel Entertainment, is the writer and director of Zoom Suit, which recently won the award for Best Animation at the Palm Beach International Film Festival. Taddeo sponsored two of the five groups headed to New Orleans at a cost of $1,000. Taddeo is hoping to donate an additional $10,000, the grand prize in the Hayden Film Festival.

Currently competing for his biggest prize to date. Taddeo has pledged the $10,000 Hayden Online Film Festival grand prize to Tri County Humane Society, a no kill animal shelter in Boca Raton.

Voting began on August 30, 2005. Visitors to are able to view the finalists' films and vote for the film of their choice. Membership is free so please register and vote. Vote for Zoom Suit online at and help earn the Tri County Humane Society the $10,000 Grand prize. VOTING ENDS OCTOBER 31, 2001, DON’T DELAY!!!

“The whole team working on Zoom Suit would be psyched to give $10,000 to this great organization. Check out Zoom Suit at and if you think we deserve to win please cast a vote for us”, said Taddeo.

Zoom Suit has quickly become the darling of the film festival circuit appearing in over 30 festivals since the world premiere at the Palm Beach International Film Festival where it won "Best Animation" from the Palm Beach Film Society. Since then, Zoom Suit has been featured in film festivals across the country including NYC, Boston, Chicago, San Diego, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Michigan, San Francisco, Los Angeles as well as a record eleven festivals in September. At the current rate Zoom Suit will be accepted to over 100 festivals by mid 2006, and viewed by over 250,000 fans of comics and animation.

Over 4.5 million abandoned animals are euthanized in the U.S. every year. The Tri County Humane Society is a nonprofit, “No-Kill” organization dedicated to saving animals in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. The organization is not funded by the city or state, and relies solely on private donations to keep the shelter doors open. The shelter is located at 21287 Boca Rio Road • Boca Raton, FL 33433 • Phone 561-482-8110 • Fax 561-477-7717 • E-mail:

Haydenfilms LLC is an independent film production and distribution company based in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Their mission is to create and foster an online network of independent and student film producers, and to provide the support and resources necessary for these filmmakers to succeed in the film industry.

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