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Writer/Director Wins Grand Goldie Award for Short Films Zoom Suit and The Inside Job


January 24, 2006, Palm Beach, FL – Writer/director John Taddeo has been named a winner of a Grand Goldie Award for directing the short films, Zoom Suit and The Inside Job. Since April, 2005, both films have won numerous awards including Best in Show, Grand Festival Award and numerous Best Animation Awards.


In The Inside Job, three bumbling mobsters struggle with the language barrier while interrogating a Spanish speaking bag man zip tied to a butchers table.  The film pokes fun at serious topics of profanity, violence, vulgarity, racism and blasphemy in an attempt to dis-empower their serious natures with humor.  Audiences roar at Taddeo’s explanation of the etymology of the word “Douche bag” explained to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance” (aka “Graduation March”).


Taddeo’s animated short film Zoom Suit, is often described as a superhero Cinderella story.  In Zoom Suit a comedic chain of events leads to a latch key kid mistaking a battle suit of alien origin for a Halloween costume.


The Goldie Film Awards is a competition recognizing excellence and expertise in film and TV worldwide. The Goldie Film Awards was founded in 1984 to give recognition to outstanding film and video productions, TV-programs, TV-spot commercials, audio productions, internet productions and scripts and to inspire creativity. The administrator is an experienced feature film producer from a 3-generation film/TV production family. Since 1984 hundreds of films and TV-spot commercials have received awards in the previous programs.


Winning a Goldie Film Award is an extremely prestigious honor as entries for the Goldie Film Awards competition do not compete against each other – instead they are judged against a high standard of expertise and excellence. The Judges are top film/TV production professionals and Goldie Awards winners. Entries which attain a score of 7.1 to 8.9 on the 10-point scale will be finalists for Silver Goldie Film Awards. Entries scoring 9.0 to 9.9 are Grand Goldie Award winners.

“This is only the second time that both films have won an award at the same festival as they tend to be enjoyed by very different audiences” Joked Taddeo.  “The only thing I can say is that if you pick up Zoom Suit for the kids, make sure you picked up Zoom Suit.  If you accidentally grabbed Inside job, you’re going to be answering a lot of questions tonight.”


The award-winning animated short Zoom Suit, created by John Taddeo, can be seen online at The Zoom Suit comic book will be solicited under Superverse in the February edition of Previews for items shipping in April 2006 on page 313. It can be ordered using product code: FEB063259.


About Zoom Suit:

Zoom Suit has quickly become the darling of the film festival circuit appearing in over 40 festivals since the world premiere at the Palm Beach International Film Festival on April 18, 2005 where it won “Best Animation” from the Palm Beach Film Society. Since then Zoom Suit has been featured in film festivals across the country, including New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Michigan, San Francisco and San Diego where it was an official selection of the 2005 San Diego Comic Con Film Festival. Zoom Suit has garnered numerous awards including “Best in Show,” “Grand Festival Award,” and multiple “Best Animation” awards. At the current rate, Zoom Suit will be accepted to over 100 festivals by mid-2006, and viewed by over 500,000 fans of comics and animation. Zoom Suit the comic, written by John Taddeo with art by Billy Dallas Patton and featuring covers by Gene Colan, Jim Starlin, Bob Layton and Bart Sears, is planned for release in April, 2006. For more information or artwork, please visit the Zoom Suit web site at