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Zoom Suit #2 Receives 5 Stars

Zoom Suit #2

Posted: Thursday, June 29
Kevin Noel Olson

Writer: John Taddeo
Artists: Keron Grant


John Taddeo can really irk a guy. When you review a book, you should be able to find something wrong with it. Itís common practice, and itís actually enjoyable, but Johnís taken away all the fun of complaining with Zoom Suit #2. Thatís enough of reason to complain right there. Come on John, do something wrong with this series so weíll have something to complain about!

In this issue, Myles faces off against rogue agent Simon Bane who wants the suit. Oh yeah, Simonís been experimented on by the government with alien DNA, making him a formidable opponent for a fourteen-year-old kid with an alien space suit heís only had overnight and has little idea how to run yet. The ingenious suit also has a strange weakness, which Myles discovers at a most inopportune time. Thereís lots of gunfire and car-throwing in this issue, not unlike an episode of Wife Swap on ABC.

John Taddeo has shown a deep appreciation and knowledge of pop comic-book culture, and makes so many appropriate references that the reader is left wondering where a reference cannot be found. There are references to everything from the 90s comic book glut to a Batman and Space Ghost combined reference to Mortal Combat. Thereís even product-placement for the techno-rock band FALLZ who worked on the Zoom Suit animationís soundtrack. These references do not detract from the book, but merely add to the enjoyment of it.

The bookís humor runs the gamut from subtle to blatant. Hilarious captions like ďRelax! It wasnít a dream. That would be weakĒ break the fourth wall in an entertaining way before instantly bringing the reader back into suspension of disbelief. Thereís even an in-story reference to artist Billy Dallasí absence from the issue to work on Mister Miracle (Keron Grant covers for Billy, who returns for issue three).

The sentiment of Zoom Suit has the best feel of comics from the 70s and 80s, where humor was balanced nicely with serious action. Zoom Suit is shaping up as a perfect fit for people who would rather enjoy comics than brood over them. Zoom will without question show itself to be one of the finest comics of the decade. Thatís reason enough to take away a bullet.