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Fans Get Chance to Star in Comic Book

Appear in Zoom Suit #3 All Proceeds to Help Animals in Need

Palm Beach, May 2, 2006 - Comic fans have lees than 24 hours to carve their name into comic book history. In return for a $100 donation, five fans will become background characters in Zoom Suit #3.

The last names of five fans will be spoken by a play by play announcer at a football game in the script. Originally the players were named after the artists on the project as Layton, Tucci, Sears, Starlin, and Patton. However, Team Zoom thought it would be a fun idea to give fans the chance to be immortalized in the comic as well as help animals in need.

"I'm always looking for a way to support no kill animal shelters, said Zoom Suit creator John Taddeo. It's a fun opportunity as well as a great cause. Please check out the auction".

The five fans that make the $100 donation will also receive a complete set of Zoom Suit #2 comics including Cover A by Bart Sears, Cover B by Keron Grant as well as both retailer incentive covers. The Armored Legend Edition features a cover by Bob Layton, while the Suspended Animation Edition Features artwork directly from the animated short film. All four covers feature the latest break throughs in Glow in the Dark printing technology.

100% of the proceeds will benefit animal charities. Taddeo is personally paying the Ebay auction fees, Paypal fees, the comics and the shipping.

"Considering the prices we've seen on Ebay for the first set of Armored Legends books, I think we should be able to raise the $500 for the shelter, said Taddeo. Watching the #1 retailer incentive issues sell between $50 and $300 a set is just amazing. After seeing that, I came up with the idea of using some of our copies to help the shelters".

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About Zoom Suit

Zoom Suit #1 shipped April 26th 2006. The comic is based upon the award winning animated short film of the same name. To date Zoom Suit has appeared in over 78 Film Festivals. To see the short film or learn more please visit