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Unique Offer From Zoom Suit Creator Raises $1,000 for Florida Humane Society

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Palm Beach, May 3, 2006 - On May 1st Zoom Suit writer John Taddeo made a unique offer to comic fans via an Ebay auction. In exchange for a $100 donation to the Florida Humane Society five fans would have their names spoken by a play by play announcer in the June Shipping Zoom Suit #3. Within 8 hours of the offer all five donations were received.

"It's a fun idea and supports a fantastic cause, but I wondered if it would sell", said Taddeo. "Eight hours later it was sold out. It's great to team up with fans and members of the comic book community for an important charity".

Jenny Goguen, a Zoom Suit fan and Manager at Silver Bullet Comics was the forth fan to act on the offer.

"I think impersonating a male football player in Zoom Suit #3 is a huge plus for me. I mean, I'm 5'3'', a girl and I run about a 10 minute mile. I don't see anyone offering me any college scholarships to play on their team any time soon", joked Goguen. "This is the chance of a lifetime!"

Next something even bigger happened.

Long time comic fan Mike Avila contacted Taddeo explaining that although he had missed the auction, he was willing to make a $400 donation to be drawn as a background character into Zoom Suit #3. Taddeo instantly agreed, and adding $100 of his own money, brought the total to $1,000 in support of the animal charity.

"I had read about the offer on, but by the time I got there it was sold out", explained Avila. "As a lifelong dog lover I think this is awesome. Plus, I figure this will make up for never getting a letter printed in a Marvel Comic. Zoom Suit is making comics fun again".

"400 bucks to the humane society for a walk on role? Done.", said Zoom Suit creator John Taddeo. "This whole idea turned out to be a good time with good people".

The last names of five fans will appear in the script. Originally the players were named after the artists on the project Layton, Tucci, Sears, Grant, and Patton. However, Taddeo and the rest of Team Zoom thought it would be a fun idea to give fans the chance to be immortalized in the comic as well as help animals in need.

As for Mike Avila, Zoom Suit Super Villain Simon Bane will kick the snot kicked out of him on page 21. Simon, an alien enhanced Rogue NSA agent with a penchant for oxymorons referred to the event as, "A Good Beating".

All six fans will also receive a complete set of Zoom Suit #2 comics including Cover A by Bart Sears, Cover B by Keron Grant as well as two retailer incentive special editions. The Armored Legend Edition features a cover by Bob Layton, while the Suspended Animation Edition Features artwork directly from the animated short film. All four covers feature the latest break through in Glow in the Dark printing technology. Fans can see the covers at the Superverse website,

100% of the proceeds will benefit the Florida Humane Society.

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About Zoom Suit

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