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Comic Buyers Guide Gives Zoom Suit 3 Stars!

Zoom Suit Makes HEAT-meter in April 2006 Of CBG

Comic shops ordered more than 6.25 million comic books from Diamond Comic Distributors in April, about 210,000 more than in the same month in 2005. Those comics were worth $19.42 million, up %13 from the same month in 2005.

Adding all comics, trade paperbacks, and magazines sold by Diamond, the total grows to $34.8 million, up 13% from the same month in 2005. Whereas the list on the left represents what comic book retailers ordered and received, the rankings below represent what retailers said they sold, in reports to CBG. While not as exact as order data, this ranking shows those titles that are performing better in shops than their orders would indicate. Superverse's Zoom Suit #1 for example, came in 114th in orders for the month but 41st in acyual retailer sales.