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Comic Buyers Guide HEAT METER! Zoom Suit is HOT!

Michael Tierney Gives Zoom Suit 3 Stars

Zoom Suit #1 Review by Michael Tierney

Zoom Suit is one of those comics that you want to like before you even open the cover. The series has had a phenomenial promotional push, including an animated film, and, from the first page, it's clear that every effort was give to make this book as strong as possible.

But it's still a first effort, and not everything works perfectly on the first try. At times, the art looks as if two different people did it. And going the extra mile may have made the trip too far by using metallic ink that reflects light back in the reader's eye. Printer's tricks generally work best on covers, and interiors read easier with uncoated (or at keast dull-gloss) paper. Zoom Suit is the story of a boy who discovers an alien suit of armor on Halloween and uses it to impress his girlfriend. This first issue won't suprise readers with a new take on the super-hero genre, but it's still fun and an easy recommendation for reading pleasure