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Comic Book Hero Attempts Real World Impact

Zoom Lends a Hand to Children, U.S. Soldiers and Animals in Need

Comic Book Hero Attempts Real World Impact
During his Comic Debut, New Superhero - ZOOM - Lends a Hand to Children, U.S. Soldiers and Animals in Need.

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Palm Beach June 15, 2006 - The comic book superhero ZOOM is attempting to spread some real world cheer. With the help of Zoom Suit writer, John Taddeo and penciler former U.S. Army serviceman Billy Dallas Patton, Zoom is sending free copies of Zoom Suit #1 and #2 to soldiers serving in Iraq. The move continues a tradition of community service and social responsibility associated with the project from the inception over a year ago.

"If we can bring a smile to a comic fan serving our country, we're happy to do it", said John Taddeo. "I wish it was brought to my attention sooner. We're always on the look out to help a good cause".

The idea to send the comics was the brainchild of comic fan and Sergeant First Class Chris Scott. Scott, a friend of Taddeo, mentioned in passing that he often sends comics to fellow soldiers serving overseas.

"I Talk to Chris all the time, and we've teamed up for charity before so I can't believe I missed this idea over the last few months", explained Taddeo. "But we'll be making up for it. We'll be sending over plenty of boxes of comics to fellow comic fans serving overseas".

To date, the success of the Zoom Suit animation and comic book have been utilized to assist and address numerous important causes . All profits and prizes associated with the Zoom Suit animated film have been donated to various charities. (See: Zoom Suit Pledges Prize Money to Animal Shelter.

Additionally, sales of the certain special editions comic have been earmarked to support animal organizations such as the Florida Humane Society. (See:

Recently Taddeo allowed a new charter school to adopt the star of Zoom Suit as their mascot. (See the article at month Taddeo's ebay auction to "appear in Zoom Suit #3" raised $1,000 in 24 hours. (See the article at

At February's Mega Con Taddeo's sales of Zoom Suit posters and special editions raised the no kill shelter nearly $500.

Last Christmas Taddeo and Team Zoom joined an effort started by comic fan and Pro Wrestler Ric Connely to donate an X-Box 360 to children in the Shriners Hospital Burn Center. Team Zoom raised the $600 for the game system, and thanks to Ric and other generous comic fans the system, along with a complete video game library was delivered in time for the Holiday Season.

Back in September, the Zoom Suit creative team supported the effort to send vans into the hurricane Katrina area to save abandoned pets. Combining a $1,000 donation with the help of others, the Humane Society saved nearly a hundred abandoned dogs. The pets, left to fend for themselves on the streets, were gathered, cared for, and taken back to Florida where they the team helped them find new homes. (see

"Every comic fan grew up dreaming of being a superhero", explains Taddeo. "Helping Children, people and animals in need has been gamma irradiated into the blood of every comic fan. It might be something in the ink".

Fans wishing to help Team Zoom in their support of animal and other charities can contact Diana Striker at or John Taddeo at or by signing up for the Zoom Suit Fan Club, Team Zoom, at the Superverse website.

About Zoom Suit:
Zoom Suit has appeared in over 80 festivals since the world premiere at the Palm Beach International Film Festival on April 18, 2005 where it won "Best Animation" from the Palm Beach Film Society. Since then Zoom Suit has been featured in film festivals across the country including New York City, Boston, Chicago, San Diego, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Michigan, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Zoom Suit has been viewed by over 1,00,000 fans of comics and animation.

The Zoom Suit the comic, written by John Taddeo with art by Billy Dallas Patton and featuring covers by Bill Tucci, Gene Colan, Jim Starlin, Bob Layton and Bart Sears, is currently on sale at comic shops. For more information, artwork or to view the short film, please visit the Zoom Suit web site at