Zoom Suit Comic Book Sells for $100

100% of Sale Donated to Animal Charity



Palm Beach March 27, 2006 – Still a full month before the April 26th debut of Zoom Suit #1, an ungraded copy has sold online for $100.  Zoom Suit creator John Taddeo donated 100% of the sale to the Humane Society. First reported in Comic Buyers Guide #1617 (June 2006 Cover date, on sale now), an extremely rare variant of Zoom Suit #1 entiltled, Film Festival Edition, was distributed to friends and early supporters of the Zoom Suit project.  The few remaining copies were listed online at the Superverse Website at $100 per copy.  The first was purchased within 48 hours of the listing by comic fan Andrew Hamlin of Texas. “It was an easy decision.  Great story, great art, huge potential and it helps a charity I support", said long time comic fan Andrew Hamlin.  "John Taddeo has nurtured a fantastic comic supported by a fun web site and animated short that help make comics fun again.  Zoom Suit rocks!" In Zoom Suit a 12 year old boy mistakes an alien battlesuit for a Halloween costume.  Although packed with plenty of superhero action and adventure, Zoom Suit differentiates itself by not taking itself too seriously.  Inside jokes and gags abound, as well as many “easter egg” hidden secrets that can take fans out of the comic and into the middle of an internet alien conspiracy.  The comic, based upon Taddeo’s award winning animated short of the same name, has found a very diverse audience including long time comic aficionados, kids and even girls. “The reaction to Zoom Suit has been a dream come true, but I never thought I’d see the collector interest pique like this”, said Zoom Suit writer and director John Taddeo.  “I haven’t seen anything like this since my time at Marvel with Platinum Spider-Man”. Comic retailers are equally excited about the release and are expecting brisk sales on the April 26th street date. "Get ready for the Boom when Zoom Suit hits comic store shelves this April!”, said William Insignares, Owner of Demolition Comics in Tampa Florida.  “With it's iron-clad story telling and meticulous metallic art throughout, this hot book is bound to sell-out!" Phil Boyle, Owner of 7 Coliseum of Comics locations said, “"The comic industry has been doing some phenomenal things in storytelling and art for the past several years.  There are a lot of great things happening in comics and Zoom Suit is one of them." 

Zoom Suit #1 is set to release nationwide April 26th 2006.